Catherine Adams empowers those with ADHD and other related learning challenges using a “whole child” approach, an approach that looks at support for the child in all environments. Services can be split into three categories: Family Support, Education Consulting/ Advocacy and ADHD Trainings.

adult-business-businessmen-1056561Education Advocacy– With over 10 years experience working with clients regarding various disability laws requirements, 504s and IEPs, C. Adams Consulting Services is dedicated to ensuring your child gets the support and services they require to thrive in school. We can attend school meetings and “speak the language,” so your child can get the educational support and accommodations they require while at school. We will review the child’s evaluations and self-reporting tools to determine areas of strength and weakness so we can encourage your child to develop neccessary, age-appropriate self-advocacy skills for future success.

dreamstimefree_5553042Family Support– C. Adams Consulting Services provides insight and knowledge on ADHD and the challenges that may come with it.  Learning how to see a child’s potential beyond the hurdles they face and how to help them socially and emotionally is vital. There are many tools available and we want to help each family find the best solutions to meet each family’s individual needs.

ADHD Training– Beyond being a nationally certified CHADD “Parent to Parent: Family Training on ADHD” instructor (2008-2011,) Catherine Adams has provided countless workshops and presentations to parents and professionals who desire information. Topics have included: “How ADHD Impacts Teens,” “Ensuring School Success: New Federal Guidelines,” “Just the Facts: ADHD Myths” and more.  She continues to provide this information as part of the ADHD Resource Group of Northern Virginia.